Israel Places and Scriptures

If you are planning a trip to Israel, you will find this list of Scriptures helpful.

Birthplace of Jesus. Matt 2:1-12.
Herod had the children slaughtered. Matt. 2:16.
Jacob buried Rachel here. Gen 48:7
Ruth & Boaz. Ruth 1:22
David had his home here. 1 Sam 16:4,13
While fighting, David asked for water from a well here. 1 Chron. 11:16f.
Shepherd's fields here. Luke 2:8-18.

Beth Shean
Body of Saul pinned to the wall of Philistine temple. 1 Sam. 31:8-13

Caesarea by the Sea
Built by Herod the Great and named after Caesar Augustus.
20,000 Jews massacred here in 66 A.D.
Home of Philip the Evangelist. Acts 21:8
Cornelius the centurion lived here. Acts 10:1,24, Acts 11:11
Paul on trial here before Felix. Acts 23:23-35

Caesarea Philippi
Peter confesses Jesus is the Christ. Matt. 16:13-17

People received Him. John 4:43-45
Was met by the centurion and healed his servant. Matt 8:5-13, Luke 7:1-10
Peter's house-healed 2 blind men, cast out a demon. Matt. 9:27-34
Peter's house-healed Peter's mother-in-law and many others. Matt. 8:14-17, Mark 1:29-34, Luke 4:38-41.
Peter's house--preached and healed paralyzed man. Matt 9:2-8, Mark 2:1-12
Synagogue-preached and cast out of demon. Mark 1:21-28, Luke 4:33-37
Synagogue-healed the man with withered hand. Matt 12:9-14, Mark 3:1-6, Luke 6:6-11
Jairus' house-raised Jairus' daughter from the dead. Matt 9:23-26, Mark 5:35-43, Luke 8:49-56
Miracle of coin in fish's mouth. Matt 17:24-27.

Dead Sea
Lowest elevation on earth.
Sodom and Gomorrah destroyed on southern end. Gen. 19:24f
Will become a living sea in the Millennium. Ezek. 47:7,12
Dead Sea Scrolls found at Qumran in 1947.

Ein Gedi
David flees from Saul and hides in cases. 1 Sam 24:1-15

Jesus prayed in Garden of Gethsemane. Matt. 26: 36f, Mark 14:32-34
Betrayed by Judas and arrested. Matt 26:46-56, Mark 14:42-52, Luke 22:46-53, John 18:1-11.

Gideon's spring
This is the only spring on Mt. Gilboa. 300 soldiers lap water from stream. Judges 7:4-8. Midianites camped at the hill of Moreh (Judges 7:1).

(Oldest city on earth)
Rahab the harlot hid the 2 spies. Joshua 2
Walls of Jericho come falling down. Joshua 6
David stayed here. 2 Sam 10:5
Elijah and Elisha visited here. 2 Kings 2:1f
Jesus healed 2 blind men (Bartemaeus). Matt 20:29-34, Mark 10:46-52
Zachaeus comes down from tree. Luke 19:1-10

Joppa (Tel Aviv)
Jonah ran from God's call. Jonah 1:3
Peter's vision on tops of Simon the Tanner's house. Acts 10:1-22, 11:5

(Not a Biblical city) In 66 A.D. Jewish zealots captured this fortress from the Romans.

Fortress of Solomon, stables for horses & chariots. 1 Kings 4:12, 9:15-19.
King Josiah died here. 2 Chron. 35:20f
Battle of Armageddon here. Zech 12:11, Rev. 16:16

Mount Carmel
The prophet Amos preached here. Amos 9:3
Elijah conquered the prophets of Baal. 1 Kings 18:21f.

Mount Gilboa
Saul and Jonathan killed on this mountain. 1 Sam. 31:1-8.

Mount Tabor
Deborah and Barak recruited forces. Judges 4:6, 5:15.
Samuel advised Saul here. 1 Sam. 10:3

Jesus grew up here. Matt. 2:19-23, Luke 2:30-40
Worked in Joseph's carpentry. Mark 6:3, Luke 2:51-52
Synagogue of Nazareth-Jesus begins ministry. Luke 4:16-29

Sea of Galilee area
Jesus calls His disciples. Matt. 4:18-22, Mark 1:16-20.
Sermon on the Mount. Matt 5-7
Feeding of the 5,000. Matt 14:14-21, Mark 6:34-44, Luke 9:12-17, John 6:5-13
Slept in boat and stilled the storm. Matt 8:23-26, Mark 4:35-39, Luke 8:22-24
Cast demons into pigs. Matt 8:28-34, Mark 5:35-43, Luke 8:26-39
Jesus and Peter walk on water. Matt 14:24-33, Mark 6:47-52, John 6:16-21
First miracle of fish in nets. Luke 5:1-8
Second miracle of the fish in nets. John 21:1-11

Founded by Herod Antipas (Luke 3:1) in honor of Tiberias Caesar.
Death of John reported to Jesus. Matt. 14:10-12, Mark 6:30-31, Luke 9:9
Feeding of the 5,000 near here. John 6:23

Valley of Elah
David fights Goliath. 1 Sam 17

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