Java Man

In 1887, Eugene DuBois went to Java with the stated purpose of finding the missing link. In 1891 he discovered a skullcap, thighbone, and 2 molar teeth. The thighbone was found 50 feet away from the skullcap, but he assumed it was the same individual. The small cranial capacity (940 cubic centimeters) made it an ideal candidate for the "missing link," even though there was no geological information to corroborate it.

However, DuBois failed to disclose his other discoveries. He found 2 other skulls at the same level, Wadjak I and II, with cranial capacities of 1550 and 1650 c.c. (true Homo sapiens). Rather than announcing that the discovery of Wadjak I and II had disproved his previous find, he hid the skulls under the floor boards of his bedroom for 26 years! By hiding the evidence, he was able to mislead people for years at the expense of truth.

Sadly, many people place their faith in the words of anthropologists, assuming they are completely unbiased in their opinions. DuBois' Java Man scandal should be a reminder to us that evidence which disproves evolution is still being withheld from the public. In order to make an informed decision about what you believe, be sure to examine all the evidence.

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