Iron Hammer Found In Cretaceous Limestone

In June 1934, members of the Hahn family discovered an unusual rock near London, Texas in Kimble County. Noticing that the rock had a wooden handle protruding from it, they cracked it open which exposed a metal hammerhead inside. The hammerhead is made of iron and approximately six inches long. The wooden handle appears to have been broken off, then worn smooth where it protruded from the rock concretion.

The hammer was found in the Cretaceous Hensell Sand formation, supposedly 135 million years old—long before when evolutionists claim man first appeared. Some may argue that the original rock and fossils were eroded and reworked, but reworked fossils show evidence of wear. The fossils in the concretion retain fine detail, indicating that they were not reworked but part of the original formation.

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