The Alleged Horse Series

Evolutionists claim that horses evolved from a tiny skeletal structure. However, the fossils in this alleged series aren't found in the proper evolutionary time sequence. As the horses are compared from smallest to largest (Eohippus-Orohippus-Pliohippus-Equus Scotti), there is also an interesting discrepancy in their skeletal development. Notice the differences in the amount of ribs with each horse.

Eohippus    18 pairs of ribs
Orohippus   15 pairs of ribs
Pliohippus   19 pairs of ribs
Equus Scotti    18 pairs of ribs
As the horses go from smallest to largest, the pairs go from 18 to 15 to 19 to 18. Truly the "missing links" here are a case of "missing ribs." Why drop 3 pairs of ribs from Eohippus to Orohippus and then add 4 pairs from Orohippus to Pliohippus? This is more evidence that is conveniently omitted in textbooks.

Source: Have You Been Brainwashed? by Life Messengers.

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