Facts About Earth

  • The earth's axis is tilted 23 1/2 degrees from the perpendicular to the plane of its orbit. Without the tilted axis and the revolution around the sun, we wouldn't have the four seasons and growing food would be impossible.
  • The tilted axis also allows the earth to have twice as much land area that can be cultivated than if the sun were always over the equator.
  • The earth is positioned at just the right distance from the sun so that we receive exactly the proper amount of heat to support life.
  • If the earth's diameter were 10% larger or smaller, then life would either be burned up or frozen.
  • If the earth were to rotate at 1/10th the speed of its present rate, all plant life would either be burned up during the day or frozen at night.
  • Without the ozone layer which protects the earth from solar ultraviolet radiation, all life would be destroyed.
  • Without the ratio of nitrogen (78%) and oxygen (20%) in air, life on earth would not be possible.
  • Earth is the only known planet that has water, making life possible.
Coincidence? Or design by a Creator?

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