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Alleged Errors in the Bible Answers to Evolution
ballred.gif Two Different Anointings of Jesus
ballred.gif 2 Samuel 24 vs. 1 Chronicles 21
ballred.gif Did Mary Magdalene go to the tomb alone?
ballred.gif Should "The Gospel of Thomas" be in the Bible?
ballred.gif The Da Vinci Code--True or False?
ballred.gif Which is the Correct Order of Jesus' Temptations?
ballred.gif Why Do Bibles Read Differently?
ballred.gif Did Jesus Die on Friday?
ballred.gif Do Genesis 1 and 2 contradict each other?
ballred.gif Did God change His mind?
ballred.gif Jeremiah or Zechariah?
ballred.gif Did God hate Esau?
ballred.gif How did Judas die?

Frequently Asked Questions

ballred.gif Were Jonathan & David Lovers?
ballred.gif How did we get the Bible?
ballred.gif When was the Bible written?
ballred.gif Do I tithe on the gross or net?
ballred.gif What does 'you are gods' mean?
ballred.gif Why are some TV preachers called "Doctor"?
ballred.gif Can Women be Pastors or Deacons?
ballred.gif Will only a few get into heaven?
ballred.gif Who were the Nephilim?
ballred.gif Does God want us to be rich?
ballred.gif Does God hate homosexuals?
ballred.gif Was Peter the "Rock"?
ballred.gif Name erased from the book of life?
ballred.gif Does everything happen for a reason?
ballred.gif What is blasphemy against the Holy Spirit?                
ballred.gif How can I be free from pornography?
ballred.gif Pluck out our eyes?
ballred.gif What about cremation?
ballred.gif John the Baptist a reincarnation?
ballred.gif How can I know I'm going to heaven?
ballred.gif Can we pray to the dead?
ballred.gif What happened to Lazarus?
ballred.gif Where did the races come from?
ballred.gif Did God create evil?
ballred.gif Where did Cain get his wife?
ballred.gif Who hardened Pharaoh's heart?
ballred.gif Is abortion permitted in Exodus 21?
ballred.gif Lose salvation or never saved?
ballred.gif What was the "eye of the needle"?
ballred.gif What is "the third heaven"?
ballred.gif Was Melchizedek never born or die?
ballred.gif Did Jesus suffer in hell?
ballred.gif What was the purpose for sacrifices?
ballred.gif Was Judas a believer?
ballred.gif Do babies go to heaven if they die?
ballred.gif Eli, Eli, Lama, Sabachthani?
ballred.gif What are ghosts?
ballred.gif What about those who haven't heard?
ballred.gif What is the definition of a cult?
ballred.gif Where did God come from?
ballred.gif Is homosexuality genetic?
ballred.gif What is "baptism for the dead"?
ballred.gif Footprints Found in Precambrian Rock
ballred.gif Which Chart Should We Believe?
ballred.gif How Long to Make a Rock?
ballred.gif The Missing Link
ballred.gif Unchanged After Millions of Years
ballred.gif Intelligent Design
ballred.gif Blood Clotting
ballred.gif Sexual Reproduction
ballred.gif Haeckel's Fake Drawings - Pictures
ballred.gif Dinosaur and Human Footprints - Pictures
ballred.gif The Archaeoraptor Fraud
ballred.gif Why Evolution is Impossible
ballred.gif Oliver the Chimp
ballred.gif The Bible as a Science Book?
ballred.gif The Alleged Horse Series
ballred.gif Quotes by Evolutionists - Pictures
ballred.gif A Living Fossil Discovered! - Pictures
ballred.gif Java Man
ballred.gif Mitochondrial DNA
ballred.gif The Recapitulation Theory
ballred.gif The Miracle of the Sun
ballred.gif Earth's Magnetic Field
ballred.gif Redrawing the Evolutionary Charts
ballred.gif Life on Mars?
ballred.gif The Laetoli Footprints
ballred.gif Creation in Six Literal Days?
ballred.gif The Amazing Human Body
ballred.gif Facts About Earth
ballred.gif Evolution's Hoaxes - Pictures
ballred.gif Iron Hammer Found In Limestone - Pictures
ballred.gif Misplaced Fossils - Pictures
ballred.gif Links to Creation Sites

Miscellaneous Studies

ballred.gif Calvinism vs. Arminianism vs. Evangelicalism
ballred.gif Spiritual Gifts List
ballred.gif Don't Be Afraid
ballred.gif Questions about baptism
ballred.gif Reincarnation
ballred.gif Universalism, Annihilation, and Purgatory
ballred.gif Jehovah Names of God
ballred.gif The Sabbath and the Law
ballred.gif Predestination
ballred.gif How Many Apostles in Scripture?
ballred.gif Israel Places and Scriptures
ballred.gif How to Interpret the Bible
ballred.gif Proof the Bible is True!
ballred.gif The Bible Code
ballred.gif The Pre-Existence of Jesus

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Answering Jehovah's Witnesses Answering Mormons Prophecy
ballred.gif False Prophecies by Watchtower
ballred.gif New World MIStranslation
ballred.gif I AM
ballred.gif Article by former Jehovah's Witness
ballred.gif Cross or Torture Stake?
ballred.gif The Trinity
ballred.gif The First and the Last
ballred.gif Jesus is God
ballred.gif Jesus is Jehovah
ballred.gif 144,000 - Who & Why
ballred.gif No Soul Sleep
ballred.gif Hell Part 1
ballred.gif Hell Part 2
ballred.gif Blood Transfusions
ballred.gif John 1:1 (God or "a god") Part 1
ballred.gif John 1:1 (God or "a god") Part 2
ballred.gif Mark 10:18 (Was Jesus good?)
ballred.gif John 10:29 (Father is greater than I)
ballred.gif Col. 1:15 (First-born of Creation)
ballred.gif Links to J.W. Sites


ballred.gif What They Are
ballred.gif What They Do
ballred.gif Fallen Angels
ballred.gif If You Are a Mormon...
ballred.gif Did God Tell Abraham to Lie?
ballred.gif Book of Mormon and Doctrine & Covenants
ballred.gif Fallacies in the Book of Mormon
ballred.gif Men Living on the Moon
ballred.gif Mormonism in a Nutshell
ballred.gif What Mormons Believe
ballred.gif Three Kingdoms?
ballred.gif Links to Mormonism sites

Marriage & Family

ballred.gif Birth Control
ballred.gif Sex Before Marriage
ballred.gif Pregnant, but Not Married
ballred.gif Alachua County Pregnancy Help
ballred.gif Living + Together = Married?
ballred.gif Mid-Life Crisis
ballred.gif Singleness
ballred.gif Finding the Right Mate
ballred.gif Unequally Yoked Marriages
ballred.gif Divorce & Remarriage Part 1
ballred.gif Divorce & Remarriage Part 2
ballred.gif Links to Marriage & Family Sites

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ballred.gif Rewards in Heaven
ballred.gif Eternal Dwellings
ballred.gif New Jerusalem
ballred.gif Marriages in heaven?
ballred.gif Five Kinds of Crowns
ballred.gif Why Fight Over Jerusalem?
ballred.gif Different Views on Prophecy
ballred.gif Terms Used in Prophecy
ballred.gif The Year-Day Theory
ballred.gif Daniel 2 & 7
ballred.gif The Antichrist
ballred.gif 666 and Mark of the Beast
ballred.gif The Tribulation
ballred.gif Who Are The Two Witnesses
ballred.gif The Beast with 7 Heads & 10 Horns
ballred.gif The Rapture vs.The Second Coming
ballred.gif Questions for Post-Tribbers
ballred.gif Answers to Post-Trib Questions
ballred.gif The Rapture & Jewish Weddings
ballred.gif The Pre-Tribulation Rapture
ballred.gif The Rapture and John 17:15
ballred.gif Who is Taken First?
ballred.gif Rapture Not in Matthew 24
ballred.gif Left Behind--after the Rapture
ballred.gif The Wheat and Tares
ballred.gif The Millennium
ballred.gif Who Will Populate The Millennium?
ballred.gif Recommended books on prophecy                
ballred.gif Links to Prophecy sites

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